Paranormal Revelations – Star of India Investigation

The Star of India is a historical legend that is now retired and berthed in the San Diego Harbor.  The ship was originally named the Euterpe and constructed in 1863, having sailed an impressive 21 around-the-world trips.  She is the fourth oldest ship presently afloat in the United States and her current docked home is at the San Diego Maritime Museum.  Investigators Present:  Audrey, Charlie, Richard, Delia and Nicole (stayed together as group for entire investigation).

Time of Investigation: 10pm to 3am

Type of Equipment used:  IR camera, digital cameras, voice recorders, video camera, laser, Ovilus, dowsing rods.

My responsibilities: Conducting the investigation as a lead investigator and conducting EVP sessions throughout the investigation; setting up the video camera and utilizing the IR camera.

Main Deck: While on Main Deck in the dining room area, all of us noticed that one of the lights above the dining room table would sway on a consistent basis while the other lamp stood still.  We tried debunking the swaying, but could not come up with a logical reason as to why the one lamp swayed continuously.  We are not saying it is paranormal, but what I suggested is that maybe it could be a residual phenomenon from the ship’s sailing days.

I acquired a few EVPs in the dining room area (See audio clips on CD).  One of the clips said “Help me” shortly after I was asking questions about what types of illnesses occurred on the ship.  Another clip contained a male saying “hello, hello.”  Another clip contained disembodied talking.   At one point, I heard a rustling sound come from Captain’s quarter that was filmed on video.

All of us heard intermittent footsteps directly above us on the Poop deck.  We did confirm the sounds to be footsteps.  I kept sensing energy shifts in this area…it would seem active and then die down a little, but there always seemed to be some consistent level of energy present. 

Tween Deck:  In my opinion, Tween Deck seemed to be the most active in terms of residual and intelligent hauntings.   I heard audible voices and heard disembodied footsteps numerous times while investigating this deck. 

I also acquired various EVPs on my digital recorder and my video camera (see audio clips on CD).  We kept hearing the voice of a young female on this deck and she seemed to always be on the opposite side of the deck.  I also did some laser experiments and on a couple of occasions, saw the laser light break with the movement of a shadow figure.  I also saw a shadow figure move in the same area that other investigators have reported seeing shadow figures.

I also heard disembodied footsteps on the Main Deck toward the aft section of the ship.  On a couple of occasions, the footsteps seemed to be moving in fast motion as if the entity was running.

Orlop Hold:   We did a group EVP session down in the Orlop Hold and I acquired a few different EVPs and audible voice phenomena.  (see audio clips on CD).  At one point, we all heard the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor, which came from the other side of the deck.   I also heard the sounds of someone rustling about on the Orlop Deck.

Audio:  Acquired various EVPs on all decks…mostly class Cs and Bs.

Video:  Took video of Captain’s Quarter room and Passenger Room on Main Deck.  Also took video of some areas on Tween Deck.  Captured some EVPs on video.  No anomalies on video.

Photo: Took some digital photos of various areas.  Captured a decent-sized orb in the front west-end Captain’s Quarter hovering over the bed. (see photos on CD).  There is another suspect photo on Tween Deck, which possibly shows mist either going up or going down the stairs toward the stern side of Tween Deck.

IR Photo: Took various IR photos on all the decks and there is one photo that is suspect.  Need to re-visit the area to see if a manniken is present.

Laser Experiments:  On Tween Deck, laser experiment did reveal the light breaking up on a few occasions.

Temperature Differentials: Did not use any temperature equipment, but did notice some cold spots in certain areas.  Note: portholes were open in various areas of the ship.

EMF:  Mel-meter did spike on a couple of occasions on Tween Deck.

Personal Experiences:  I had many personal experiences while investigating.  Mainly, I heard numerous disembodied footsteps and audible voice phenomena.  While on the Orlop Hold, I felt as though something touched my face as we did the group EVP session.  On the Tween Deck, I also saw a shadow figure and noticed my laser light breaking as shadows would go across it.

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