SDPRS Investigates Anaheim’s White House Restaurant

The SDPRS team was honored to investigate one of Anaheim’s historic gems, the notable White House Restaurant.  Back in the 1920s this beautiful and ornate structure was nestled among an orange grove and quickly became known as one of Anaheim’s hidden treasures.  Today, it is a thriving Northern Italian cuisine restaurant, owned by Italian immigrant Bruno Serato.  Many celebrities have dined at this beautiful establishment and the restaurant has traveled many, many miles to share its exquisite cuisine with guests from far away.  Additionally, the restaurant as garnered several coveted awards, including the highly prestigious DiRona award.  Most gracious of all is the fact that Bruno Serato serves meals, free of charge, to children and families in need.  When you visit the White House Restaurant, you will be won over by the welcoming charm, delectable cuisine and the love, respect and appreciation of an owner who thrives in giving back to his community.

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Team members for the investigation included Nicole Strickland, Heidi Boucher, Sarah Long, Sean McKeig and one our consultants, Jerry Reynolds.  However, before our investigation, we enjoyed the fine award-winning Italian fare in a private room of the restaurant.  A warm thank you is extended to the hospitable restaurant staff for accommodating us and allowing us to have full run of the house for the entire night.

We started our investigation upstairs in the Obama Room by conducting an EVP and ITC session.  There are claims that a small girl enjoys the upstairs portion of the restaurant and has been seen and heard by several people.  Intuitively-speaking, both Heidi and I visualized this small girl as having long curly brown hair.  Sarah, Sean, Heidi and I all had personal experiences while seated in this small room.  Interestingly, we all reported seeing white mists and darting shadows and at one point, the table I was seated at moved of its own volition.  We ruled out the shadows and mists as being natural reflections of light.

Intuitively-speaking, both Heidi and I were strongly picking up the presence of a male doctor, most likely Dr. Truxaw who owned the home for 50 years and had a reputation for “never refusing to help anyone.”  He was also responsible for delivering 3,500 babies, spanning three generations.  Our Ovilus X device was spewing out the words, December, sensors, woman, slow, morning, failed, second, honor, practice, western, repeated, SIDS, liver and cancer, which seemed to correlate with the questions we were asking the doctor.   One of our questions, “Did you treat a little girl?”  yielded an answer of  “Alice” via the Ovilus.  At one point, we asked, “How many of you are with us tonight?”  An answer of “five” came through the Ovilus, perhaps, indicating the presence of five family members.  Note that the Truxaw family consisted of five members.

Meanwhile, Jerry was outside the Obama Room trying to recapture an occurrence that happened when he investigated the house back in May of 2011, where one of the heavy doors moved by itself.  I even felt the door that moved and it’s quite heavy, so a slight draft or vibration could not move it.

Heidi was also intuitively picking up on the male presence of someone who tended to the farms.  This presence was communicating to Heidi saying that he remembers the harvests that occurred on the land.  Heidi is a strong intuitive and additionally picked up that this male presence was also responsible for holding a small injured girl in his arms as she was dying.  Could this be the small girl who reportedly haunts the upstairs portion of this restaurant?

Sarah and Sean investigated the wedding banquet room and were able to capture the chandelier moving of its own volition.  They thoroughly examined the room for any vents and/or drafts that could explain the chandelier’s movement, but failed to come up with a logical explanation for why it was moving.  More intriguing about this experience is that the chandelier started moving after Sean asked the entities to move it.  I want to note that this same phenomenon has been witnessed by other paranormal investigators as well.

The restaurant’s kitchen, itself, is an ominous, foreboding and spine-chilling area of the house.  Two creepy incidences occurred while we were investigating the premises:  water turned on by itself in the kitchen and the closet light just outside of the kitchen turned on by itself, which Heidi witnessed with her own eyes.  Both Sarah and I reported seeing a shadowy figure, on two separate occasions, walk through the main hallway that leads to the kitchen and restrooms.

I captured a phenomenal EVP near this downstairs hallway during this investigation.  This EVP occurs over Sarah’s discussion of the video showing the moving chandelier and contains two separate entities talking:  a small child and a male, perhaps a father figure.  When listening to this audio piece, you hear a small child say, “Mommy, I want to go and play.”  Right after this child says the word “play” a male voice can be heard saying, “You did.”  Jerry hears the child say something entirely different, which is “Mommy, help me…help me.”  This leads me to wonder if people are meant to hear EVPs differently.  In my opinion, I feel that this EVP is a residual catch; a long-ago capture of two people talking to one another. 

One of the most phenomenal aspects of this investigation was the amount of visual sights we observed.  Furthermore, it must be said that many of us experienced phenomena with most of our five senses.  As for me, I experienced oddities with my sight, hearing, smell and touch.  Other than Waverly Hills Sanatorium, I have never investigated a place where I saw so many light anomalies, mists, shadows and figures.  On two separate occasions, I saw two distinct apparitions:  one in the kitchen and one upstairs.  At one point, I smelled the strong fragrance of flowers while seated in the long dining room upstairs.  I tried to explain this smell away logically, but to no avail.  I am interested to know more about the perfume that Louis Truxaw wore, as I felt her presence several times throughout the night.

While doing another EVP and ITC session upstairs in the long dining room, we obtained some interesting Ovilus results, containing the names/words, happy, abstain, batteries, syntax, Victor, did, visited, process, there, etc.  In fact, we were talking about the little girl when the ITC device spewed out the word, happy.  Of course the Ovilus is an experimental device and it’s always beneficial to utilize it in conjunction with another piece of equipment, however we found the words on the Ovilus to correlate with our EVP sessions.

Overall, the White House Restaurant was one of the most pleasurable and intriguing places that we have ever investigated and I hope to go back in the near future to learn more about its haunted history.

Please check back as we will be adding photos to this blog!

Again, a heartfelt thank you to the restaurant staff for making this investigation possible!


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