SDPRS Investigates the Warner Grand Theater – San Pedro, CA

This post features a couple of individual case summaries from the SDPRS investigation of the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, California.

Sarah Long’s Report

Warner Grand Theatre Report

Equipment Used: Audio recorder, full spectrum camera, digital camera.

Orchestra Pit: 9:00- 9:40

Nicole, Alex, Maria and I conducted an EVP session using audio recorders and the Ovilus X. I saw lights near the top corner of one of the far walls, but these could be explained away by ambient lights outside. About fifteen minutes into the session I saw a light flash by the middle of the room; this could not be immediately explained and about 20 seconds later the Ovilus said “flash.”

I did not capture any EVP’s or light anomalies at this location.

Projection Booth:

We took pictures and conducted another EVP session with the Ovilus, which started acting up. Maria put batteries on a table near the entrance of the room and witnessed them moving, but was unable to capture it on camera. We saw a light that faded in and out on one of the walls, but determined it was from a traffic light outside.

I did not capture EVP’s or light anomalies at this location either.

Sunken Lobby: 10:30-11:30

Jerry joined us in this room with his Ovilus, which also started acting up during the session. Maria and Jerry felt cold spots that came and went where they were sitting. I took pictures of them each time they mentioned the cold spots. Maria, Alex and Nicole also saw light anomalies coming from the restrooms.

EVP’s captured were:

At 3:34: Right before the Ovilus says “dictionary mode,” I heard what sounds like a woman about to say “dictionary” before the Ovilus cuts her off. She audibly finishes the word while the Ovilus is speaking.

At 7:10: I hear what sounds like a child saying “Hi.”

At 8:50: I hear a woman saying “Victor.”

At 26:50: After Nicole asks if there’s a woman wearing a white dress and green hat, I heard a female mumble and “white.”

 Photos captured:

What seems to be two light anomalies moving along the ceiling. I had my camera set to flash but I don’t think they are reflections of my camera light. But at this point I don’t think it can be confirmed as paranormal.


Nicole Strickland’s Report

I.  SDPRS Investigators present:  Nicole Strickland, Alex Higgins, Maria Garcia and Sarah Long

     and Jerry Reynolds.

II. Locations investigated:  Sunken Lobby, Orchestra Pit, Dressing Rooms and Projection Room.

III. Equipment used:  Sony night-shot video camera, Ovilus X, audio recorders, IR digital

       camera, regular digital camera, E-pod, IR illuminator.

IV.  Investigation time:  Investigation started at 9pm and ran until 1am.

V.   Report Summaries

Sunken Lobby:  10:30 to 11:30 approx. The sunken lobby was an interesting place to investigate.  Jerry told us of the time that he caught a photo of a female in the female restroom.  All of us were feeling significant cold spots in the area.  There were vents on the back wall, which could have accounted for some, but both Maria and Jerry felt drastic cold spots around them at various times.

At one point, I saw a dark grey shadow morph just to the left of the men’s restroom up toward the ceiling.  Alex and Maria also noted seeing anomalies in that same area as well.  On various occasions, Jerry noticed movement inside the men’s restroom directly in front of the mirror.  Later on, I went downstairs and spent about 5 minutes in the men’s bathroom and I intuitively picked up a strong sense of a male wearing a dress suit.  I picked up that this entity enjoyed the theatre and visited it quite often; he enjoyed the performances.

I also felt a strong presence of a female near the women’s restroom and at one point, I went inside the restroom to do an EVP sweep.  I picked up that this woman was not a performer or worker, but also someone who came to the theatre quite often; she was wearing a long green dress with a matching fancy green hat.

I also sensed the presence of a small female child in the sunken lobby as well.

Photos:  No photo anomalies present in any photos I took in the sunken lobby.


1)  On my video camera, I obtained an EVP of a woman saying, “Wearing a white one” in reference to my question:  “Is the woman wearing a green dress with a matching green hat in here?”  I was intuitively picking up on a young woman wearing an evening gown in the sunken lobby and this EVP is confirmation of her presence.

2) I also obtained a weird light anomaly in the sunken lobby, which to me does not resemble dust or a bug as it distinctly has its own flight pattern.  You will see the anomaly enter the frame coming toward the direction of my video camera and then turns in the right direction.

EVP and ITC:  Times are listed in recorder times (RT)

1. When Jerry had his Ovilus X running in White Noise mode, at 1:16:55, Jerry and I saw a shadow by the men’s restroom within seconds of each other.

2. At 1:17:30, I heard an audible voice phenomenon (AVP) of a woman say “Hello,” which corroborates my sense of a female in the sunken lobby.

3.  At 1:18:45-47: I captured an EVP of a woman talking.  I tried stretching and slowing down the clip and I still couldn’t quite make it out…it does sound like the last word is “dancing.”

4. At 42:36-42, We asked the energies to give us their name and the Ovilus said the word, “Ed.”  It was on phonetic mode.

5.  At 46:18-21, an EVP of a female saying, “Hi” occurred.

6.  At 58:09, Jerry reports an extreme cold spot by him.  Note that at 59:00, I saw a black mist near the men’s restroom.  Maria then felt an extreme cold spot at 59:27 and she notices movement in the exact area that I noted seeing a black mist.  At 1:00:46, I walked directly into a cold spot over near the men’s restroom.

Meter Fluctuations:  The temperature occasionally dropped a couple of degrees, but this could be explained away due to the ventilation in the area.

Orchestra Pit/Dressing Rooms: 9:00 to 9:40 pm approx.  This area is a paranormal hot spot.  While in this area, I heard intermittent whispering inside the pit.  All of us heard audible talking, but we determined that it was coming from the investigators up above on the stage.  We also saw weird flashes of light, but we fully examined the area and determined that it was also coming from up above the stage.

We did a lengthy EVP and ITC session and some of the Ovilus X words seemed to directly coincide with the area we were located in, which will be explained later on in the EVP and ITC section.

This is also a section of the theatre where I picked up the presence of two children, one female and one male.  What is interesting is that Jerry caught an EVP of a child saying, “papa.”

I also walked outside of the orchestra pit and walked around some of the dressing rooms.  The dressing room located directly south of the orchestra pit was interesting as I strongly felt the presence of a female who was very curious of my presence.  I later learned from Jerry that another investigator he was with on a different investigation also sensed a female in the exact area.   I also went to another dressing room and met up with Jerry during an EVP session.  On a couple of occasions, I heard audible voice phenomena (AVPs) from inside the dressing room.

Photos:  no photo anomalies present inside the orchestra pit or dressing rooms.


1)  In the middle dressing room, I captured a figure in the mirror, but this could very well be Alex Higgins as she was walking around the area during this time. 

2)  I also captured another light anomaly while stationed in the orchestra pit looking down the stairs and out through the entrance door.  However, I do feel that this was either a flashlight or IR light illuminating against the wall.

EVP and ITC: Times are listed in recorder times (RT)

1. At 2:19:28:  I asked entities to tap the recorder as a way for us to confirm their presence and there were two distinct taps.

2.  At 3:30, I heard an audible whisper.

3. At 4:52-58, I caught an EVP of a man saying, “Peter.”  I later learned that other investigators caught the name Peter as well.

4. 9: 54-56, I caught an EVP of a female voice.

5.  At 14: 38-48, the Ovilus said the word, “Shepherd” as perhaps an actor’s name or part of a movie title.

6.  At 18:17-24, the Ovilus was acting up along with a simultaneous EVP of a male saying, “yeah.”

7.  At 19:25-31,  the Ovilus said the word, “clairvoyant” along with another simultaneous EVP of a woman saying, “Hello.”  The Ovilus later said “clairvoyant” again.

8.  22:40-47:  Sarah was inquiring about the instruments played and mentioned that she used to play the flute, when the Ovilus said, “Read” or “Reed”  as in perhaps, reading sheet music or the reeds on types of instruments.

9. 22:54-59:  An EVP was captured of a man talking, but I could not decipher what he was saying.  The EVP did sound like it occurred from a different dimension.

10. At 24:32-39: Maria was asking a question about how to go about playing an instrument in the theatre, when the Ovilus said the word, “members” possibly referring to having to become a member to perform.

Meter Fluctuations:  none reported

Projection Booth:  9:40 to 10:30 approx. In my opinion, the projection booth was by far the most interesting place to investigate.  Alex, Maria, Sarah and I were the only ones up in the booth for about 45 minutes.  When we first got there, the Ovilus said the word “batteries” 8 minutes into the session.  So, Maria thought about an experiment where she lined up three batteries on a table and offered the energies to use the batteries if necessary.  Right after this, Maria saw that the batteries rolled a little bit.  We tested the table out and none of us accidentally touched the table, so we could not figure out why they rolled.  However, when we investigate the theatre again, we want to test out the flooring near the table to see if perhaps a slight movement on the part of an investigator could cause something to move on the table.   Maria re-set the batteries and filmed them for about 45 minutes to see if they would roll again, but upon her video review, they did not roll again.

On the other end of the projection booth, Maria and Sarah noticed a light that intermittently showed up on a wall.  We examined this and determined that it was the stoplight from across the street causing the light to appear. The light on the wall appeared when the stoplight changed from red to green.

Photos: no photo anomalies in the projection booth.

Video:  Not applicable as I did not run video in the projection booth.

EVP and ITC: Times are listed in recorder times (RT)

1. Again, at the beginning of the session, I asked the energies to tap my digital recorder to confirm their presence and I noticed three taps on the recorder at 1:15 into the session.

2.  I asked if there was a projectionist in the room with us and at 2:07-14 the Ovilus said the word, “toast.”

3. At 3:23-33, I caught an EVP of a male that said, “get out.”

4.  At 4:51-58, I caught an EVP of a female talking.

5.  At 23:20-30, I asked the energies the theatre’s nick name but saying, “what is the other name of this theatre, the castle of your, what?”  (in hopes that one of the energies would answer by saying, “dreams.”)  Well, my wish was granted because after I said, “…castle of your, what?”  a disembodied voice of a female says, “dreams.”  This was my favorite EVP of the night.

6. At 27:14-20, a female says, “hello.”

Impressions and Recommendations: The SDPRS team will definitely revisit and conduct another investigation at the Warner Grand in the next few months. We would like to try out a few more investigation experiments as well. There is definitely a wide array of activity in the theatre.  There is a big power source in the area of the dressing rooms that produces a high amount of EMF, which can help the energies manifest.  Considering the history of the theatre, one wouldn’t think that it would retain a lot of spiritual energy; however, ghosts are attracted to a lot of places that have seen tons of human traffic and human emotion, which can partially explain why theatres across the U.S. seem to be paranormally active.


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