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My name is Nicole Strickland and I am the founder of the well-respected San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS).  I started my paranormal discoveries at an early age, while residing in a haunted home in Las Vegas, Nevada with my parents.  At around the age of two-years-old, I started having odd experiences with seeing apparitions and shadow people.  At that very innocent age, I had no idea of what to make of my personal encounters; however, as an adult, I have come to learn that those experiences would commence a life-long journey into paranormal study. 

I have been reading about the paranormal since my high school days, getting my hands on any book or article discussing the paranormal or life-after-death. I did not put my paranormal investigator hat on until after a profound and life-changing experience in 2000 with the spirit of my beloved grandmother, Helen Lopinto.  For about a week after her quiet passing, I started to experience oddities in my college apartment.  Door knobs would rattle of their own volition.  I felt the disembodied touch of an eerily familiar hand caress my face.  Then, one night, as I was studying, I saw this light emanating from my bedroom area.  I looked, and there she was:  the ethereal form of my beautiful grandmother, standing there in her flowery house dress with a smile on her face. She appeared that way to me for several nights after her passing.  I talked with her spirit and let her know that the family was doing okay and how she was free to move on to her next journey.  Well, after I had this sentimental chat with her, I would never see her glowing apparition again.  I feel in my heart, today, that she is truly spirit, having found her new journey.  Every one of us in the field has our own reasons and ambitions for studying what goes bump in the night. 

The rest is history as they say.  Since 2000, all of us here at SDPRS have worked with several California or out-of-state-based paranormal research teams before becoming a part of SDPRS.  It has always been a dream of mine to have my own team; therefore, the SDPRS was ignited in 2009. Today, we are considered one of the most professional and well-respected teams in California.  We love the paranormal and have passion for studying it.  We are a group of like-minded researchers and investigators intuitively and scientifically examining locations for the existence of paranormal activity.  We are NOT out to prove that ghosts exist.  If we have remaining questions about a location, after we exhaust logical reasons or explanations for high strangeness, only then will we say, “This is something that we cannot explain,” and leave it at that.   We are here to educate the public and our clients about theories for paranormal occurrences and what we’ve learned as a team.  We all have that innate curiosity of what lies beyond our mortal realm.  We have tireless dedication to and respect for our clients, locations and spirits. Being a part of SDPRS paves the road to our many discoveries of this vast field.

SDPRS believes that there is no ” I ” in TEAM.  Each investigator and researcher brings insight, life experience and additions to the team.  We approach our work as a collaborative unit, where each person is respected for his/her unique styles, methodologies and approaches to paranormal research.   We have established trust in and appreciation for each other – an imperative hallmark of any dedicated and caring research team. 

Namaste my friends,
Nicole Strickland
San Diego Paranormal Research Society

Research Team

Nicole Strickland

Nicole Strickland currently resides in San Diego, California, and has been innately intrigued with the paranormal since childhood, having thus studied the field for many years. She has been actively investigating historical landmarks and private residences for paranormal activity since the early 2000s, after a profound experience with the spirit of her beloved grandmother. She is the Founder and Director of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS) and serves as the team’s EVP specialist and historical locations case manager. Nicole has worked with various Southern California paranormal research teams prior to developing SDPRS in 2009. She was also a core member of the Ghost Research Society from 2009 – 2017, serving as the Southern California Area Research Director. Nicole also serves as a consultant to World Paranormal Investigations as well as a California Representative for the American Spectral Society.

Nicole is published with Penoaks Publishing, Schiffer Publishing and The History Press. Her first book is Field Guide to Southern California Hauntings, (2009). Her second book, The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary (1st ed.) was published in May of 2010 with a 2nd edition published in 2015. Furthermore, Nicole’s subsequent book, Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend, debuted next. Both of these books are sold in gift stores aboard the Queen Mary. Other books by Nicole include RMS Queen Mary: Voices from Her Voyages, San Diego’s Most Haunted: The Historical Legacy and Paranormal Marvels of America’s Finest City and Spirits of the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe (September 2018 release).

RMS Queen Mary Research

Nicole has conducted numerous paranormal research investigations throughout San Diego, Southern California and out-of-state. Her favorite place to conduct both historical and paranormal research is aboard the legendary RMS Queen Mary, located in Long Beach, California. Having spent the past 12 years intensely researching this legendary ocean liner, Nicole has conducted paranormal investigations in various hot spot locations, including the former first and third class pool, boiler rooms, after engine room, Sir Winston’s, Isolation Ward, R deck forward, cargo holds, Windsor Salon, Royal Salon, Bridge, numerous staterooms, etc.

She gives presentations about the RMS Queen Mary at paranormal conferences and events, discussing the ship’s history, paranormal encounters as well as showcasing a wide array of ghostly evidence. Nicole has given local San Diego talks about the ship in addition to lectures at the Oregon Ghost ConferenceTroy Taylor’s Haunted America Conference, Port Gamble Ghost Conference (2017), Maritime Ghost Conference San Diego, Ghost Fest IV aboard the Queen Mary and most recently at Amy Bruni’s Strange Escapes: Seaside Spirits at the RMS Queen Mary. Additionally, Nicole is frequently asked to discuss the haunted history of the Queen Mary on various internet-based and terrestrial paranormal talk radio shows. She has recently come out with her own website and blog devoted to her love for to the Queen Mary, at http://www.spiritedqueenmary.com.

Television Appearances

Nicole has been featured on local news channels’ San Diego Living and Good Morning San Diego and DVD documentaries. Additionally, Nicole has appeared on Travel Channel’s Ghost Stories, in an episode devoted to the Linda Vista Hospital and has also appeared in Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera, discussing some interesting experiences from the William Heath Davis House, located in San Diego, California. She appeared on Central California Paranormal Investigators Paranormal Journeys TV show in May of 2015, talking about her research aboard the liner. Nicole will be appearing on Aaron Collins’Paranormal Crossings TV show and One-on-One with Aaron Collins program. She will be discussing the haunted history of the Queen Mary in a 2018-based film by Tristan David Luciotti and Vision 8 Studio.

Paranormal Underground Magazine Contributor

In 2016, Nicole signed on with Paranormal Underground Magazine as a writer and correspondent, typically writing monthly and/or quarterly articles. For more information on the magazine, click HERE

San Diego Paranormal Research Society Tours

The San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS) enjoys hosting its Spirits of the Adobe Tours at the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe in Vista, California. For more information, please visit http://www.vistarecreation.com

Oregon Ghost Conference California Coordinator

The Oregon Ghost Conference is a model event for paranormal conferences in the United States. It’s an event that exudes professionalism, dedication and pure fun. Rocky Smith of Northwest Ghost Tours, LLC founded the conference five years ago and serves as its president. Nicole has enjoyed being a speaker and vendor at the event for two years in a row. Just recently, Nicole was asked to be the official California Coordinator for the conference, an honor she is truly excited about. For more information, please visit http://www.oregonghostconference.com

Nicole enjoys working with other paranormal researchers in the field as she believes that through diligent research, teamwork and collaboration, we will all better understand the vast field of the paranormal.

Ali Schreiber

Ali is the co-director of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society and the co-host of the Spirits of the Adobe tours at the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe. A veteran paranormal researcher, she has a lot of experience working in the paranormal realm. Ali is one of those investigators who has a natural ability working with spiritual entities. As the owner of her own child daycare company, she is extremely valuable on cases involving children.

Consulting Specialists

Todd Bates – EVP Specialist

Chances are you’ll find him in a mysterious abandoned home, walls yellowed by age and doors teetering precariously on their hinges. Maybe a murder occurred or perhaps a fire. Whatever the case, Todd Bates is on the scene for a singular task: listening for voices of the dead. Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly referred to as “EVP”) is spirit voices captured on a digital or analog recording device that were not heard with the naked ear at the time of their recording. For Todd, collecting this specialized evidence of paranormal origin is a life calling. After years of personally investigating the mysteries of EVP and studying under a pioneering figure in the field, Sarah Estep, he took his passion to the internet. Now in its 10th year, www.hauntedvoices.com  has quickly grown to be one of the most successful paranormal talk shows on the internet.  The site is also the home to WHVR Digital Broadcasting, and legally registered in Ashland, OH. Todd’s flagship station, Pop Odyssey Productions Inc. provides audio material 24 hours a day.Television: Advisor for “A Haunting” on the Discovery Channel (“Sallies House” episode); WTHI TV (CBS affiliate) “The Ashmore Experiment” 2 day event. Appeared on WTWO (NBC Affiliate). Radio: Todd currently has 12 years of broadcasting experience under the Haunted Voices Radio brand and enjoys discussing all things paranormal with his guests and audience.   Todd’s radio hosting career began with Dr. Ed Craft of Magick Mind Radio (An IBC Network Program). He was offered a co-host spot with Dr. Jimmy Lowery of “Alabama Para Spiritual Radio” (APSR Radio) and was then given the opportunity to host his own live show on the BBS Radio Network where he discussed all topics paranormal. He has since appeared on The Man Cow Show, WTAY FM, WTYE AM Crawford County, IL, WZPL 99.5 Indianapolis, IN, X-zone Radio, Voice of America, and The Jeff Rense Show. Each has been a valuable experience to share his vast knowledge of the paranormal.

Tomy Durant – Paranormal Consultation Network / Occult Specialist

Since 2000-2001, Thomas has been studying the paranormal, spirituality, the occult sciences, various theologies and mythologies and the phenomenon known as “Shadow People.”  Early on, Thomas began coupling his spiritual studies with researching more technical-based investigative methodologies.  This led him to contact numerous established paranormal teams, and by 2004, he was part of two notable paranormal groups based out of Massachusetts.  Starting in 2007, after working and consulting with numerous teams and independent researchers across the country, Thomas began giving lectures at conferences, private functions and college campuses.  Topics have included Shadow People, Malevolent Hauntings, Spiritual Protection and Introduction to Paranormal Investigation and Team Unity.  Primarily functioning as a Paranormal Consultant, Tom works with families and clients to help teach spiritual awareness and aid the relief of malevolent activity.

Fred Tracy – Vista Historical Consultant

Fred Tracey works for the City of Vista and is the liaison to SDPRS for its research and investigations of city-owned historic properties in Vista. As a paranormal enthusiast, he welcomes every opportunity to accompany SDPRS in its Vista investigations. He has joined SDPRS on its investigations of the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe and the AVO Playhouse, both having a long history of paranormal activity.

Gabe Selak – San Diego historian / San Diego History Center Programs Manager

Gabe Selak is a relative new comer to the San Diego region, but has a strong passion and love for history and communicating with it. Hailing from Johnstown, PA, Gabe received a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a concentration on History from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As Public Programs Manager at San Diego History Center, an organization, founded in 1928,  devoted to telling the story of San Diego through its library, archive, photograph and historic object collection, Gabe uses these resources to provide powerful personal experiences to museum guests offering them opportunities to learn about and appreciate how our past, present and future are interrelated.

Intuitive and Spiritual Concultants

The San Diego Paranormal Research Society is honored to have both Dawn Short and Cher Garman aboard as spiritual and intuitive consultants.  As friends of the SDPRS team, they both work with respect and humility, two components necessary when working with and helping those in the spiritual realm.  There is only so much that the scientific method can help us understand; thus, the SDPRS team believes that working with ethereal energy is best accomplished by combining both “science” and “our psychic senses.” 

Dawn Short - Intuitive and Shaman

Dawn is a Medium, Shaman, and Paranormal Investigator for two teams, and consultant for a third.

  • Soul Warriors Supernatural Team – Founder, Willie Windwalker Gibson
  • Paranormal Clergy – Founder, Bishop James Long
  • San Diego Paranormal Research Society – Consultant

With basically a lifetime of paranormal experiences, Dawn has learned hers were directly associated with “gifts” of being a medium. She is now helping with investigations, providing animal totem readings, consulting for teams and individuals, helping to guide others with similar abilities, speaking/lecturing at conventions and events, and enjoying guest invitations on a variety of radio shows.

Dawn was specifically chosen with great honor by Willie Windwalker Gibson to be his Legacy Shaman, as he has no biological children to pass on his teachings. (Native American based Shamanism) She has learned a great deal from Willie and although now a shaman herself, remains learning and encourages others to continue to learn about their own abilities. Willie has given her the Native name of “BrightStar”. Dawn was also very honored with being chosen to be the first and only female member of the Paranormal Clergy Team by Bishop James Long.

Recently, Dawn was featured in the documentary “Tombstone Diaries”, along with the Soul Warriors Supernatural Team. This documentary is based on the investigation of Eastern Cemetery in 2013. “Tombstone Diaries” DVD was released at a recent paranormal convention, now available for purchase for those interested.

Along with being a medium, Dawn has clairvoyant, empathic, psychic, and clairalience abilities, as well as others. The ability to remote view and photo scrying has helped in many investigations over the last few years. Dawn has also learned she has the ability to read in the form of psychometry, which she continues to work on. She has been called a “skeptical medium” by many, which she completely agrees with as it’s how she works. It is a part of who she is.

Dawn has had several years experience as an internet radio Host, Producer, DJ for her own music shows, and Talent Producer. She hosted and produced for her own shows, and produced for others, such as “UFO Talk” (no longer aired), and Talent Producer for Steven LaChance’s “The FEAR”. Dawn also did a variety of commercials, promos, etc. for internet radio shows. She is now enjoying invitations to guest on others shows, including CBS, Sirius XM, and a variety of internet radio networks. She is also a published columnist, having her own column for a paranormal online magazine for about one year.

Current Online Radio Networks Dawn is Host and Producer for:
ParaRock TV and Uber City Radio

Personal experiences include a near death experience after a surgery many years ago, living with paranormal activity, both good and not so good at different times of her life, visions of life occurrances coming true in complete detail, among other things.

Dawn is available for radio shows, paranormal and spiritual events and conventions, speaking, small group galleries, and of course individual readings. To book Dawn, please contact her via Facebook message or at [email protected]

Area Representatives

The San Diego Paranormal Research Society (SDPRS) is proud to collaborate with teams who share like-minded values and methodologies.  Regional Consultants and area representatives are an important asset to the team.   These teams refer cases that they receive from the Southern California and Southwest region, in particular, those cases that they cannot take on themselves due to distance or other reasons. Vice versa, the SDPRS team does the same, and will refer cases it receives from the locations our reps reside in.  The following teams have been selected for their professionalism and dedication to paranormal research. 

Pacific Northwest Region

Nicole Strickland met the White Light Paranormal Insight team and other Pacific Northwest paranormal researchers at the 2015 Oregon Ghost Conference. The SDPRS team is truly blessed to know this group of professional, caring and intuitive individuals. The team’s mission is as follows:

Our mission is to assist the living in recognizing and validating what may be paranormal activity and to help find a resolution to the best of our ability. Whenever possible, we also strive to assist those entities that may be in turmoil or unrest – White Light Paranormal Insights

Visit the team at http://www.whitelightparanormalinsight.com/

Midwest Region

World Paranormal Investigations was founded in 2004 by John and Bea Brugge. WPI and SDPRS share identical core values, principles and philosophies of the field of paranormal research.  The SDPRS team is truly honored to have WPI join its family of regional consultants. We are looking forward to working with WPI on future collaborative projects! For more information about the team, please click here.