Nicole Strickland is a tireless researcher, author, lecturer and Southern California Area Research Director for the Ghost Research Society as well as having her own group. Her latest book, “Haunted Queen of the Seas” is featured in the Stacks store aboard the Queen Mary and is one of the best selling titles in the Ghost Research Society Press. Miss Strickland is a no-nonsense and practical paranormal investigator that constantly strives for 100% all the time and never settles for second-best. Her ghost hunting techniques are highly regarded and meld very nicely with the strict standards and protocol of the Ghost Research Society and the paranormal community in general. Miss Strickland is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the current modern age of paranormal research!”

– Dale Kaczmarek
President of Ghost Research Society

My paranormal club and I had the great privilege of hosting Ms. Strickland at an event at Sweetwater High School. To put it lightly, she was the highlight of the year for the paranormal club! The members were captivated by her presentation. Unlike the rather dry presentations sometimes delivered by my colleagues and myself, her lecture was energetic and informative. She drew upon what the students already knew from television, but added a much needed dose of science, and application of theory. If she is ever available to speak at your site, don’t hesitate! BOOK HER ASAP! I know I’d love to have her back.

– Eric Esperon
Social Studies teacher
Sweetwater Union High School

Nicole Strickland is not merely a ghost hunter. This is not a person that you’ll find searching for random bumps in the night, but a true researcher of the unknown, the paranormal and the unexplained. Not content to sit back and simply read about the work done by others, Nicole is out actively investigating the mysteries that still exist when it comes to ghost and hauntings. There are few who can match her passion and drive for answers about the supernatural and I consider her one of the most dedicated researchers in the field.

– Troy Taylor
Founder, American Ghost Society

Nicole brings her serene energy to investigations and it is absolutely a pleasure to work with her. She has a reverence and respect for the spirits. She is respectful and considerate, not only to the spirits, but to the people she is with. Nicole has captured some phenomenal EVP, many of which have been caught while on board the Queen Mary, her favorite haunt. She has educated herself on the history and happenings on the Queen of the Seas, and we have enjoyed several evenings with her on this wondrous ship, as well as investigations in Southern California. We’ve shared experiences on a personal level, regarding the death of a cherished family member. Just recently, Nicole had a significant experience and when she told us about it, imagine our amazement in that it completely coincided with a personal experience that we both (Dawn and Sharon) had shared together. It was enlightening and comforting. Nicole is humble about her intuitive experiences, and we look forward to further investigations and shared encounters in the future with her.

– Dawn Gaudette and Sharon Gaudette Hieserich
Dear friends and paranormal researchers

Nicole Strickland is a well respected member of the paranormal community who tirelessly researches claims of alleged ghosts and hauntings. Her passion for the field is what separates her from the rest of the pack. The plethora of knowledge she possesses regarding the history and hauntings of the RMS Queen Mary is not only astounding, but quite admirable. Nicole is the ‘go-to’ source for information about The Grey Ghost (nickname used for the Queen Mary during World War II).

– Joey Tito
Author and Paranormal Researcher
American Spectral Society

Nicole is my ‘go-to gal’ for Queen Mary history and ghostly activity. Her approach is both professional and informative. Having worked with Nicole several times in the past, she has never disappointed nor displayed anything but pure heart, experience and professionalism. I highly recommend reading her work and booking her for your next radio interview or conference! One of the best in the field and truly one of the community’s sweethearts!

– Todd Bates
Radio Host and EVP Specialist
Associate Member of the SDPRS team