Books by Nicole Strickland

RMS Queen Mary: Voices from Her Voyages (2018)

Indeed, there will never be another
ship like the iconic RMS Queen Mary. A prodigy of the seas, she was constructed by the people,
for the people and proved her worth on the North Atlantic and beyond. In both war and peace,
the Mary has carried people from all walks of life—and some of those people have come
together to tell their stories in this amazing book.
In RMS Queen Mary: Voices from Her Voyages, author and researcher Nicole Strickland has
answered the clarion call by not only sharing the sailing stories, accounts, and memories of
former Queen Mary crew, passengers, WWII veterans, and war brides, but also highlighting how
voyaging aboard this renowned vessel changed these individuals’ lives. Featuring rare historical
photographs, first-hand accounts, and exclusive interviews, RMS Queen Mary: Voices from Her
Voyages captures the visions of yesteryear and preserves the story of this glorious ship for
another generation.
A portion of proceeds from the sale of this book benefits the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation.

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San Diego’s Most Haunted: The Historical Legacy and Paranormal Marvels of America’s Finest City (2018)

Discover the historical tapestry of San Diego through a haunted
tour of cemeteries, hotels, restaurants, museums, libraries, battlefields, and even fairgrounds.
Join the San Diego Paranormal Research Society as they explore ghostly occurrences and
examine eyewitness and curator accounts alongside paranormal researchers’ first-hand
experiences. Learn about the types of ghosts, spirits and hauntings at more than 25 locations and
the theories behind their existence. From downtown San Diego, Julian, and the Gaslamp Quarter
District, to the North, West and East Counties, learn why “America’s Finest City” could be in the
running for “America’s Most Haunted City.” San Diego’s Most Haunted is a collection of
spooky spaces and paranormal places that is sure to delight, educate, and entertain.

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The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary / 2nd Edition

The crown jewel of British shipbuilding, the RMS Queen Mary is indeed the unrivaled “queen of the seas.” With her rich art deco design, the Queen Mary began her journey as a luxurious cruise liner. She then proved her worth and courage during World War II before coming to rest at Long Beach, California, and once again opening her decks to the public as a museum and hotel. In this book, paranormal researcher and author Nicole Strickland takes you on an exciting tour of the ship’s rich history, from her construction and maiden voyage to the paranormal encounters of the present-day.

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Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend

Born to reign upon the seas, the RMS Queen Mary is a testament to British Shipbuilding. Paranormal researcher and author, Nicole Strickland, has conducted both historical and paranormal research on the liner for over 12 years.  In this book, she delves deeply into the vessel’s spiritual phenomena, sharing her many encounters with its ghostly activity and resident energies.  This volume also shares previously unpublished experiences from research colleagues and ship visitors.  Stories abound for each Queen Mary ​passenger and crew member.  In a way, her spiritual phenomena help to share the story of her unrivaled career on the high seas, a quest to help keep both her living and haunted legends afloat.  Uniting the people of her past with those of her present, this stately masterpiece continues to share her living haunted legend with visitors from all over the world.

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Field Guide to Southern California Hauntings / 2009

Southern California has such a rich and deep-rooted history. From the Spanish and Native American influence, wealth-seeking individuals of the Gold Rush to entertainment lovers, Southern California has attracted people from all walks of life. Then, it should not come as a surprise that this part of world has plenty of ghosts and haunted abodes. Join paranormal researcher and investigator Nicole Strickland as she shares many of  Southern California’s local legends and haunted locales. Take a trip back in time and learn about the people and places that helped frame this part of the United States. Come and learn about those who haunt this part of the world.  Full Location Directory included. Send check or money order for $12.95 plus $5.00 domestic/$9.00 elsewhere shipping/handling to: Ghost Research Society, PO Box 205, Oak Lawn, IL. 60454-0205.  

Other Books Nicole is working on...

  • Spirits of the Adobe – The History Press 2018

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