The following EVP, ITC and disembodied voice(s) clips are among our most compelling.  With all evidence, we feel that QUALITY is best over QUANTITY.   More Rancho Buena Vista Adobe evidence here

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Private Residence / San Diego / August 2015

Class B:  During a recent private residence investigation, an EVP was captured during one of the electronic voice phenomena sessions.  Interestingly, it was captured when one of the home owners was reading out loud in Spanish.  You will hear a child-like vocalization say what sounds like “momma” over the home owner as she is talking. 

RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California - R Deck Forward EVP

Class A- :  This EVP was captured in R Deck Forward during the start of an ITC session led by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal.  You will hear Steve introducing the ITC session while prepping the Paranormal Systems MiniBox.  At :22 seconds into the clip, you will hear a male say what sounds like “I’m gonna go.”  This was not heard at the time and did not come through the ITC device.

Lincoln Theater, Decatur Illinois - Lets do Some Magic

CLASS A: This EVP was obtained during an investigation of the Lincoln Theater in Decatur, Illinois – during Troy Taylor’s Haunted America Conference Midwest. Nicole Tito and Lisa Krick (Ghost Research Society) and I were conducting an EVP session in the very active dressing room area of the theater. 

RMS Queen Mary - Ring-Around-the-Rosy

CLASS B+  This EVP was captured in the former first and third class pool room aboard the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  The last word  in the main verse of the song, RING AROUND THE ROSY, is the EVP.

Private Residence - In the Hallway

Class B-   This EVP was captured in the former first and third class pool room aboard the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  There were no children in the area or out on R Deck when this occurred; yet, you hear a child’s angelic voice ask for mommy.  

RMS Queen Mary - Mommy Time

Class B+  This EVP was captured on a 2012 private residence case.  We were seeing a shadow figure at the end of the hall (hence why you hear me say ‘Oh Lord’).  After we ask if anyone is at the end of the hallway, we get a definitive answer.

Star of India - A Request for Help

Class B     This sad EVP was captured on board the Star of India, in 2009, while we were setting up equipment on Main Deck, in the Officers’ quarters area.  In this clip, you will hear a plea for help, which comes over Delia’s voice as she is talking to other teammates. 

White House Restaurant - Child Talks

Class WIERD   This EVP was captured during a 2011 investigation of the White House Restaurant in Ahaheim, California.  You will hear a child talking over Nicole and another investigator, as we are transitioning to another area. To us, it sounds like a possible, “Mommy, I want to go…play.”  At the end, you also hear a muffled male voice that comes through almost answering the child.  Did we capture a residual two-way communication between spirits?

Audible Voice Phenomena (AVP) - Also Referred to as a Disembodied Voice

AVP is different than EVP because you can hear the disembodied voice in real-time as it occurs, whereas with EVP, you do not hear the voice at the time of capture.
Berkeley Ferryboat - Mommy Time

Class A-   This AVP or disembodied voice was heard by all of us, while investigating the Berkeley Ferryboat during the 2012 Maritime Ghost Conference.  OC Soul Searchers, Pacific Paranormal Investigations and SDPRS were all situated in the ferry’s boiler room when we heard the disembodied voice of a female child.  This clip is explanatory as you will hear the child answer the question.  To be sure, we checked the entire ferry and adjacent parking lot for any living children – no one present.  Thus, we cannot explain this capture. 

Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) or Real-time Communication

ITC is real-time spirit communication between the living and deceased.  In this fashion, spirits communicate via telephones, computers, televisions, tape recorders, spirit boxes and other electronic devices. Many paranormal researchers use spirit boxes, Frank’s Box, Sangean Devices or other ITC devices to communicate with the departed. 
Rancho Buena Vista Adobe / Vista / October 2015

The RBVA was known as having prized horses and other ranch animals.  In this clip, a male response of “3” is heard answering Nicole’s question, “How many horses did you have?” Additionally, a male response of “2” is heard answering Ali’s question, “Do you have any Appaloosa horses?”

Private Residence / San Diego / August 2015

“The Cat’s Meow”  –  During an ITC session in the master bedroom, Ali asks, “What do you like better, dogs or cats?”  We get a humorous response through the device, actually mimicking that of a cat’s meow!  As you can tell, we got a little excited!  🙂 

“Suzie” –   Nicole was getting an impression of a person by the name of Suzie or Suzanne.  When Ali asks about the woman who is seen in the house with the small child, the name “Suzie” comes through the device.  Listen at :08 seconds into clip. 

“We all Fall…” –  Nicole sings “Ring-around-the-Rosy” but leaves the word “down” out in hopes that someone from the spiritual realm will answer it.  In this clip, you will hear a vocalization come through the box saying, “down” at :12 seconds into clip. 

Pine Hills Lodge, Julian, California / Name of Lodge

This is another interesting ITC capture from the Pine Hills Lodge.  Nicole asks, “It’s the Pine…what…Lodge?”  “The Pine…what?”  A whispered response of “Hills” can be heard coming through the ITC device.  

Pine Hills Lodge, Julian, California / Lodge Owner Response

This ITC capture occurred in the main lodge portion of the Pine Hills Lodge.  We ask what the lodge owner’s name is and a response of “Hannah” can be heard.  And, Hannah is the first name of the current owner of the Pine Hills Lodge.

RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California / R Deck Forward / Nurse David Response

This ITC capture occurred in R Deck Forward as Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal was inquiring if any spirits knew a nurse by the name of Mrs. David.  As Steve was using the Paranormal Systems MiniBox, you will hear an emphatic answer to his question, which is “No!”  Matt Schulz and his tour guests have made possible communication with a former nurse in this particular area of the ship. 

Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego - Native American Chanting / Read about this amazing capture below

This ITC clip was captured in 2010 on our investigation of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town, San Diego.  We were using a Radio Shack Hack device, while conducting an ITC experiment in the Wine Room.  The device was scanning the FM bands at a high rate, when all of a sudden, the device STOPPED scanning of its own volition, and landed on mysterious Native American Chanting.  Note that the device will NOT stop scanning on its own, as you need to push a button in order for it to do so.  Thus, we do not have an explanation for the chanting.  Did the device stop on a radio station playing Native American Chanting?  Maybe.  If not, where did this chanting come from?  Considering this occurred in Old Town, San Diego, with a high Native American influence, we find this result very mysterious.  Is it paranormal?  Maybe.

RMS Queen Mary - R Deck Forward Intelligent Responses / PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION Tour / October 2014

Matt Schulz, PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION Tour Host, asks the energies to give a numbered answer as to what World War the Queen Mary was involved in. There are two possible responses, with the second response being more clear. You will hear me announce that I heard the first response; however, the second response is the highlight of this clip. The Queen Mary served as a troopship during World War II. 

There is a particular female spirit that consistently communicates to Matt and his guests in the R Deck Forward area. Last year, SDPRS member, Delia, has intuitively sensed a female in this area by the name of “Alice.” This spirit’s voice has been captured numerous times.  We feel that she is either a nurse or possibly a stowaway.  In this ITC clip, Matt asks for the last name of the “mean dictator” during World War II.  You will hear quite a clear female response to his question, indicating this person’s last name, which is “Hitler.”

In regards to the previously mentioned female spirit in R Deck Forward, we feel that she is either a nurse or stowaway.  While on the October 17, 2014 tour in R Deck Forward, Matt asks, “Are you a nurse?”  I intuitively got the answer, “No, stowaway.”  In the clip, you hear both Matt and I asking this female energy if she is a stowaway.  After he asks, “Are you a stowaway, yes or no? you will hear an affirmative response.