As mentioned in the audio and video pages, we feel that quality over quantity are best when showcasing possible evidence of the paranormal on a website.  Again, we are NOT out to prove the existence of ghosts.  We are displaying these photos for their mysterious factor and because we cannot logically explain the alleged anomalies.  Thus, we are NOT claiming that these photographs contain anything paranormal, as they are photos of interest.

The iPhone Ghost Image App Phenomenon - When Will it Stop?

This little girl gets around

There are numerous photos all over the world-wide-web showing this particular little girl (SEE PHOTO TO LEFT) and claiming that she is a GHOST.  Well, folks, experienced investigators and those with common sense will know that this once living little girl comes from the very popular iPHONE GHOST APP WORLD. When will this silliness stop?  It needs to immediately, as it is pure disrespect, not only to this little girl, but to the numerous child spirits she is said to represent.  It is outright exploitation of the spirit world!!!!  Join SDPRS in our stance against this crap!!!  If you have nothing to do, study the various iPHONE GHOSTS, so you can be aware, should you see a photo with one of them making an appearance. 

Photos of Interest

RMS Queen Mary - Long Beach, California
Shadow Figure on B Deck
This photograph was captured on B Deck, which is one of the hotel decks on the Queen Mary historic ship.  A series of three photographs were taken, with this shadow anomaly appearing in only one of them.  There was no person standing or walking at the end of the hallway. Our camera settings and EXIF data suggest no camera flaws.  We truly cannot explain this alleged anomaly.  The Queen Mary historic ship is known for its sightings of shadow people in and around its decks. Other researchers and visitors to the liner have also seen and/or photographed shadow figures.
Promenade Shadow Figure

This photograph was captured on Promenade Deck, port-side location. Even though there seems to be a ground shadow from this figure (suggesting that it’s natural in origin), I can attest to the fact that no living person was present at the time of this capture. Again, I took the series of three photographs, with this alleged anomaly appearing in only this picture. Again, photograph settings and EXIF data do not suggest any equipment malfunction or flaws. We examined this photo entirely and compared it in detail to the other two series of photographs and also to other separate pictures we’ve taken of Promenade Deck. We’re left with a ? on this one.

On November 1, 2014, leading ITC researcher, Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal joined Matt Schulz’ late-night weekend Paranormal Investigation aboard the Queen Mary.  Steve captured this anomalous photograph in the former first and third class pool aboard the ship.  If you look closely, you will see facial characteristics of what looks to be a male or female spirit.  Steve also made a video, which highlights some of the audio captures and experiences during the night’s pool investigation.  The video can be viewed on the video evidence page.