As mentioned in the audio section, we feel that quality over quantity is best when showcasing any possible paranormal evidence on a website.  The following video clips are rather interesting and highlight experiences that we can’t necessarily explain. Are they of paranormal origin?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  As with any evidence, we are NOT out to prove the existence of ghosts; we are only featuring select pieces where no logical or natural explanation could be found.  Enjoy!

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

"Spirits of the Adobe / "Yes"

In February of 2016, while in the majordomo room, Nicole asks if Cave Couts Jr. is present.  Via our Sangean ITC device, a clear male response of “Yes” can be heard. Cave Couts Jr. is the eldest son of Cave Couts. Sr.

"Spirits of the Adobe" / A Phantom Knock

During the same February, 2016 tour, we all heard a phantom knock in the majordomo room.  We verified that the security guard was in another building (the guest house) at the time.  Interestingly, when we asked if someone knocked, we received a male response of “Si” via our Sangean ITC device.

"Spirits of the Adobe" / "Si"

The San Diego Paranormal Research Society hosts its monthly “Spirits of the Adobe” tours at the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe in Vista, California.  In this video, SDPRS’ Nicole Strickland senses the presence of Isadora and asks about it – via the spirit box, you can hear a female response of “Si” come through.  Other highlights include a vocalization of “Juan” in response to the question of whether Juan or Luis are present.  We also heard a “Thank you” and “Si” come through the ITC device at the end of the clip.

Julian Private Residence Investigation / "It's me There"

On a 2013 private residence investigation in Julian, we were able to communicate (ITC communication) with a young girl via the PSB7 Spirit Box.  In the following video, you will hear a young girl respond to Nicole’s question of “Any message you have?”  You will hear a female vocalization through the device say “It’s me there.” Clip is repeated for listening pleasure.

Evidence from the William Heath Davis House

We have researched and investigated the William Heath Davis House four times.  The Davis House is a historical landmark and considered one of San Diego’s haunted gems, located in the heart of Gaslamp Quarter in downtown, San Diego.  On our premiere investigation of the house, Maria and Nicole were able to capture some incredible evidence, which will be described below. The episode of My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera featured both Maria and Nicole and the following evidence in an episode, titled, “Gaslamp Ghosts.” Make sure to read the entire commentary in the video as it summarizes this experience perfectly.

Dear Ms. Lillian Davis,

We want to thank you for the wonderful time communicating with you, while visited your father’s home.  Thank you so much for feeling comfortable enough to talk with us.  We loved our time at the William Heath Davis House and we look forward to visiting it and you again, soon.  Our experiences with your spirit are among the most profound we’ve ever had. Wherever you are, we sincerely hope that you are happy and have found peace.

The San Diego Paranormal Research Society

Steve Huff's Queen Mary Pool Evidence - November 1, 2014

On November 1, 2014, Steve Huff, of Huff Paranormal, videotaped the Queen Mary’s former first and third class pool room, during one of Matt Schulz’ late-night weekend Paranormal Investigation Tours.   Steve, the security guard and I were the only people out in the general pool area at the time of the videotaping.  Matt and his tour guests were situated in the changing rooms.  Many interesting EVPs are featured in this video, with one of them corroborating one of Nicole’s intuitive impressions about Jackie – the popular child spirit on the ship.