Rancho Buena Vista Adobe – Investigation Evidence

Part One

October 25, 2014 7:30 Tour Group with Special Guests from the Couts and Fortmueller Families

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Audio Data

Chatting Again with the Spirits / Experiences and ITC Captures / June 2015

JUNE 19, 2015:  This was a very special night at the adobe.  The environment seemed extra peaceful and the spirits seemed to be extra communicative.  Upon arrival to the adobe, SDPRS’ Nicole had an intriguing intuitive encounter with the spirit of Juan Gonzalez.  She relayed that Juan greeted her and said, “Thank you for coming,” as she drove up the brick driveway before the start of the 7pm tour.  She went on to relay that Juan telepathically showed her his necklace, which had a diamond-shaped stone.  During the ITC session, Nicole asked about that necklace and got a response, which will be described below.  Additionally, Juan shared that he had positive relationships with the Native Americans as well.  During the 9pm tour, Nicole asked if he is still friends with the Native Americans and his response was “Still am.”  SDPRS’ Ali also asked Juan about his horse and got an interesting response of “Yes.”  Isadora came through our ITC Spirit Box as well, which proved to be very exciting!

Order of ITC Captures

1st Clip:  You will hear the name “Juan” come through the box at :01 seconds into the clip.  This “Juan” also matches the “Juan” said through the device during December’s tours.  Nicole also asks, “Juan, are you in here?  Can you answer yes or no please?”  Response of “Si” at :10 seconds into the clip.  Both “Juan” and “Si” are repeated three times.

2nd Clip:  Remember that Nicole had an impression that Juan was friends with the Native Americans.  Thus, during the 9pm tour group, she asks Juan, “Juan, I have another question for you.  Were you friends with the Indians?”  A response of “Still am” is heard at :05 – :06 in the clip!

3rd Clip:  SDPRS’ Ali was talking with Juan about his horse and asks him, “Did you have a 5 Gate?”  A response of “yes” can be heard at :04 seconds into the clip.

More communication with Juan, a "Spirit of the Adobe" / ITC Captures / May 2015

MAY 15, 2015:  If you recall, on December 13, 2014, we were able to capture profound ITC spirit communication with Juan.  Well, the 9:30 pm tour on May 15, 2015, had a similar experience!  SDPRS’ Nicole and Ali were conducting a live ITC experiment, and were able to capture some compelling and contextual answers to the questions they were asking Juan, one of the adobe’s intelligent spirits.  Interestingly, the vocalizations from this tour and the past December tour sound eerily familiar –as if they are coming from the same spirit.  Voice analyzing is currently being done to determine whether the voices match from both tours.  Below is the transcript of the ITC session and the possible answers from May 15, 2015.

Ali:  “How are you amigo?”
Spirit:  “Alright” (odd knocking sound can be heard in background)
Nicole:  “I am going to ask that one more time. Can you please let us your name so we know who we’re talking to please?”
Spirit:  Possible “Juan” (VERY faint)
Nicole:  “One more question Juan and then I’ll stop.  Can you let us know if you’re okay?  Are you okay, Juan. where you are? Can you say yes or no please?”
Spirit:  (woman) “Si”  (male) “Si”
Nicole: “I’m sorry, I am having a moment.”
Ali:  “That’s good to know Juan, we’re glad about that.”
Nicole: “I know it’s a sensitive question Juan and I am trying not to be disrespectful.  I hope I am not coming across that way.  But, we really need to know, are your remains in this wall?  Can you either answer yes or no please?”
Spirit: “Can you see?”
Nicole and Ali: “Thank you Juan.”
Guests: “Thank you Juan.”
Nicole:  “Sorry to get emotional, but we’ve been working with this spirit (Juan) for like three years now and its…just”
Ali:  “Very good to know that he’s okay…”
Nicole:  “It’s very good to know that he’s okay.”
Guest:  “Did he communicate with the last group?”
Ali and Nicole:  “We couldn’t use the box because the batteries were dead.”
Spirit:  “Thank you”

Communicating with Juan, a "Spirit of the Adobe" / ITC captures / December 2014

On December 13, 2014, the 9:30 pm tour group had an amazing collective experience with one of the adobe’s spirits.  As we were conducting a group ITC session, we received some interesting vocalizations coming through the device in Spanish, such as “Si” and “Bien.”  We were communicating with one of the adobe’s spirits, named Juan.  After Ali said, “You can use this device to tell us your name,” a male vocalization came through saying the name, “Juan.” History and the paranormal share a deep kinship.  

How Many Horses? / Spirit Box Capture / October 2015

Cave Couts Jr.was known for housing his prized stallions at the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe.  In this clip, we ask, “How many horses are here?” and get a clear response of “three.”  Ali then asks, “Do you have any Appaloosa horses?” and we get a clear response of “two.”

Maria Antonia Response / Spirit Box Capture / March 2016

Maria Antonia was the eldest daughter of Ysidora Bandini de Couts and Cave Johnson Couts.  In this clip, Nicole asks Maria if she was present with us.  A clear response of “yes” comes through.

Exactly one year later (March 2017) from the above Maria Antonia response, Ali and Nicole were discussing the January 2017 storms and how a tree fell on Alta Vista Drive and at :13 seconds into clip, you hear a female vocalization come through saying “yes.”  The second part of the clip is actually the above “Maria Antonia Response from March 2016.  Note how SIMILAR the voices are and how they occurred exactly one year apart. We do feel that both of these captures showcase the voice of Maria Antonia. 

The Voice of William Couts?

In March of 2017, we addressed the resident spirits during a preliminary (prior to our tour) ITC session in the majordomo room.  You will hear a male vocalization come through saying, “William…is here.”  The “is…here” comes through towards the end of the clip after Nicole states that she heard the name of “William” come through the device. 

"Mooch" - the Adobe's former resident cat

In March of 2017, we asked a question about “Mooch” the cat that used to live on the RBVA property.  Many people knew Mooch and said that his favorite room inside the adobe was the kitchen.  In this clip, you will hear a male vocalization come through saying “Mooch.” 

Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) / Spirit Box and Ovilus X Captures

“LUIS” SPIRIT BOX – Luis Machado Sr. was one of the workers who used to work for Cave Johnson Couts, one of the adobe’s many owners.  Nicole addresses Luis by asking if “Luis Machado Sr. was present with us,” and you will hear a male response that comes through the PSB7 Spirit Box.  The response sounds like “Luis” is being said. Thus, could we have an audio recording of Mr. Machado Sr.’s voice?

CARETAKERS ROOM’ CLIP – SDPRS was doing an audio session in one of the Caretakers’ quarters.  In this clip, you will hear an EVP of a woman saying “Hi” and a “Hello” coming through the Ovilus X device.  This is a rather interesting clip.  Is it spiritual communication?  We don’t know, but it is intriguing nonetheless.

ADDRESSING THE POLLARDS – On an investigation in 2011, we were addressing the Pollard family in the sitting room of the adobe.  Mr. Pollard was a major movie producer and his wife, Marqarita Fischer, was a silent film star.  You will hear Nicole addressing them.  Then, you hear a “Hello” coming through the Ovilus X device.  We are showcasing this clip because of the possible contextual meaning here. 

Part Two

Audio Data

August 19, 2016 Spirits of the Adobe Tour - 7pm - Compelling ITC Session in the Majordomo Room

Nicole: “Juan, who’s with you tonight?”
Response:  “Couts”

Ali:  “Hola, this is Ali, Nicole, Eric and our friends Hope and Chuck. Did somebody just touch Chuck in the back of the head? Eric: “Senior Gonsalez, do you know who touched Chuck’s head? Response:  “Juan” 

Nicole:  “That did sound like “Couts” though” before (referring to above clip).
Vocalization:  “Nicole” (came through clearer than how it was captured)
Nicole:  “That, uh, I just heard my name.”
Guest:  “Yes, you did.”
All of us talking about clarity of response
Ali:  “Ysidora, was that you saying Nicole? Was that you Ysidora?”

August 19, 2016 Master Bedroom ITC Session - Spirits of the Adobe tour - 9:30 pm

Nicole:  “Besides us here, how many of you are with us?”
Response: “Three”
Nicole: “Three, thank you.”

Nicole: “I am just going to ask, is this someone from the Queen Mary 
(Referring to the historic ship and asking this question because Nicole does a lot of research work aboard the ship). 
Nicole: “Can you please say yes or no?”  “For the person that said my name, is this someone from the Queen Mary?”
Response:  “Ship”