Television Appearances

On Halloween of 2016, SDPRS’ Nicole Strickland appeared on San Diego Living’s “San Diego Ghost Stories” episode to discuss local San Diego haunted locations, including the SDPRS’ Rancho Buena Vista Adobe research and “Spirits of the Adobe” tours. 

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SDPRS’ Nicole Strickland was recently interviewed about the ghosts of the Queen Mary historic ship on San Diego Living.  The episode aired on October 22, 2015.  

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In 2015, SDPRS’ Nicole Strickland appeared on Good Morning San Diego discussing the legendary Whaley House and paranormal happenings throughout San Diego. 

Nicole was a guest on San Diego Living on October 21, 2011 and briefly discussed the San Diego Paranormal Research Society and its upcoming 10-26-11 presentation at the San Diego History Center.  This segment also featured two video highlights from a recent investigation at the William Heath Davis House and a brief commentary on a few pieces of paranormal equipment.  In 2015, Nicole appeared on San Diego Living discussing the haunted history of the RMS Queen Mary. 

Nicole Strickland was featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Stories (THE GHOST OF DR. EDWARDS) about the ghost of Dr. Edwards, which aired in October of 2010.  The episode will cover Linda Vista Community Hospital in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles. Nicole was interviewed for its history and her personal experiences with and possible paranormal evidence of the ghost of a former doctor who was said to be murdered by gang members. Linda Vista Hospital was originally the Santa Fe Railroad Hospital and the Santa Fe Coastlines Hospital, treating the men who worked on the railroad. It later became known as the Linda Vista Community Hospital. During the 1970s and 1980s, the area of Boyle Heights started seeing an influx of gang members and gang-related violence. Thus, the hospital started treating a lot of gang-related violence victims. It has been said that the hospital staff mis-treated and abused its patients, but this is only a rumor as to my knowledge, there is no documentation to prove it. The hospital started seeing a high death rate, which was one of the reasons it closed its doors in 1990; however, many people came to the hospital with extensive injuries due to gang violence and later died in the hospital. Today, the defunct hospital continues to be a popular film location and location for paranormal investigators.

Nicole was featured on Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story on May 5, 2012.  The episode featured the historic William Heath Davis House in the Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego, California. SDPRS has had numerous paranormal encounters at the Davis House, especially with the spirit of Lillian Davis – William Heath Davis’ daughter. One of our most profound EVPs ever captured or heard was featured on this show. For more information, please visit our EVIDENCE section.  For more information about the William Heath Davis House, please click on the following link 

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Nicole is delighted to appear on Central California Paranormal Investigators’ Paranormal Journeys TV show in May, 2015.  According to the show’s hosts, “Paranormal Journeys” is all about those who follow their passion investigating the unknown and the road it takes them on, whether its searching the wilderness for Bigfoot, walking in the shadows hunting for ghosts, investigating Urban Legends & Myths, discovering Metaphysical Mysteries or watching the skies for UFO’s. It’s all about the Journey.” Hosted by CCPI’s Jackie and Krista, the show is taped in the CMAC studio, which is located in downtown Fresno. All the shows at CMAC are created and produced by local people in the community on a variety of topics and events in Central Caifornia. They are televised on AT&T U-verse channel 99, Comcast channel 93 and for live streaming at: mms://  Want to watch a previous show? All our shows are archived on our website, and can be watched on a computer anytime via You Tube.  

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Nicole Strickland is featured in Ghosts Across America II, a new series of DVDs produced by Dale Kaczmarek and professionally edited by Joey Tito, videographer, takes you to abandoned sanitariums, spooky cemeteries, creepy old homes, restaurants, churches, sacred sites and public and private homes. Some of the locations include: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Crybaby Bridge, Lee Cemetery, Stepp Cemetery, Morgan County Jail and the haunted Lincoln Theater in Decatur, Illinois!

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Nicole Strickland was featured in Night Stalkers: Southern California Paranormal Investigators by Seventh Planet Productions. Keep tabs on their website for release date and where to buy!  Nicole is featured discussing her experiences at the RMS Queen Mary.

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ALL AROUND US is a ground-breaking documentary film that takes an intimate look inside the life of natural-born Psychic Medium Seth Michael. The film chronicles personal interviews with Seth’s friends, including: Animal Communicator Karen Anderson and Psychic Mediums Teresa Kleve, June Lundgren, AurorA and several others. SDPRS’ Nicole Strickland is also featured in this highly educational documentary by Tristan Luciotti, actor, filmmaker and founder of Vision 8 Studio. 

Radio Shows - Online and Terrestrial

SDPRS members have been on various paranormal talk radio shows, including Haunted Voices Radio with Todd Bates and Phill Roell, The Invisible World with Frank Todaro, KBIM Pat and Brian Show, The Paranormal View, Positively Psychic with Mark Nelson, Paradigm Shift Radio with David Berck, The Ghost Host with Gian and Sophia Temperilli, Para-Science Radio, KTPF Community Talk Show, Mantz and Mitchell Alternative Talk 1150 AM KKNW, Paranormal Kool-Aid, FRINGE radio, The Erie Hours, San Diego’s 105.3 FM, The Chat Room with Anthony WolfPaw Ortiz, Arcane Radio with Lon Strickler and Sean Forker, Beyond the Edge Radio, Haunted After Hours, Ghost Chat Radio, Angels of Light, Paranormal Connections, Beyond the Veil,  and more!!

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For more information on radio appearances, please visit Spirited Queen Mary.

Print Media

Paranormal-Revelations:Communication with Jackie aboard the RMS Queen Mary. /Ghost-Paranormal/Paranormal-Revelations-Communication-with-Jackie.shtml

San Diego Paranormal Investigator Nicole Strickland:  Infrared Camera paranormal-in-san-diego/san-diego-paranormal-investigator-nicole-strickland-infrared-camera

San Diego City Beat: SDPRS on Paranormal Protocol by Kinsee Morlan, journalist for San Diego City Beat News paper

The Sun: Paranormal Vibrations Located at Rancho Buena Vista Adobe by Harvey M. Kahn

The San Diego Union Tribune 
Stories Spark Ghostly Probe at AVO: Paranormal Researchers Investigate AVO Playhouse by Pam Kragen 

Mission Valley News The Ghost Whisperers  Article by Morgan Hurley  READ ARTICLE HERE

Coast News Inland Edition The Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Hosts Paranormal Investigations  by Noah Lee  READ ARTICLE HERE

San Diego Union Tribune  Ghost Hunters Giving Tours of RBV Adobe  by Teri Figueroa  

San Diego Union Tribune North County’s Most Haunted by Pam Kragen READ ARTICLE HERE 

Past Presentations and Lectures

  • Ghost Fest IV: Nicole did a presentation at Ghost Fest IV at the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, titled “The Haunted Queen of the Seas: History and Mystery of the RMS Queen Mary in September of 2010.
  • Haunted America Conference West Coast: Nicole also presented about the RMS Queen Mary at Troy Taylor’s Haunted America Conference West Coast in February of 2011 and at the San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup Group in May of 2011.
  • San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup Group: Nicole presented The Ghosts of the RMS Queen Mary at the San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup Group in May of 2011.
  • San Diego History Center: The San Diego Paranormal Research Society did a presentation at the San Diego History Center on October 26, 2011 for the “Spooktacular Events at the San Diego History Center.”
  • Maritime Ghost Conference 2012: Nicole will be a presenter at the Maritime Ghost Conference in San Diego, California on September 15, 2012.  This event is put on by the San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup Group.  Please visit for more information.
  • OSHER Adult Learning through Cal State San Marcos: Nicole presented about the haunted history of the RMS Queen Mary at National University in Carlsbad, California. For more information, please visit
  • Oregon Ghost Conference 2015:  Nicole presented about the haunted history of the RMS Queen Mary at the annual Oregon Ghost Conference in 2015. For more information, please visit
  • Oregon Ghost Conference 2016: Nicole presented about San Diego’s Most Haunted.
  • Escondido Public Library “Haunted Escondido” event 2016: Nicole and Ali presented about many haunted locations in North County San Diego, including the results of their private paranormal research project of the Escondido Public Library.
  • Bean Crazy Coffee Shop – Thousand Oaks, Ca – September 2016: Nicole was invited to speak about the Spirited Queen Mary at the Bean Crazy Coffee Shop located in Thousand Oaks, California. Nicole will also be selling copies of her latest book about the ship. It was a fun gathering with lots of people interested in the legendary ocean liner.
  • Amy Bruni’s Strange Escapes – Seaside Spirits Aboard The Rms Queen Mary: Nicole was absolutely thrilled to be a featured speaker at this conference, presenting about the rich history and paranormal phenomena aboard the Queen Mary. It was an amazing event with fabulous speakers and vendors, many who are considered top researchers in the field. Additionally, Nicole sold close to 60 copies of The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary and Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend combined. Definitely looking forward to 2018’s event!
  • Oregon Ghost Conference 2017: Nicole gave her very first presentation on “Children and the Paranormal” in addition to being on various panels. She also sold books alongside friend and colleague Karen Frazier. The OGC just keeps getting better every year!
  • Preston Castle ParaCon – August 24 – 26, 2017: Nicole Strickland was a featured presenter about the history and paranormal happenings aboard the RMS Queen Mary during the 3rd Annual ParaCon. Both she and Ali Schreiber also participated in an overnight paranormal research project at the site.
    Port Gamble Ghost
  • Conference (Washington) – October 28th – 30th, 2017: Nicole presented about the Spirited RMS Queen Mary at the 7th annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference in Port Gamble, WA. For more information about the conference, please click visit
  • Escondido Public Library “Haunted Queen Mary” Presentation – October 2017: Due to the popularity of 2016’s “Haunted Escondido” presentation at the Escondido Public Library, the team was invited back again in 2017 where Nicole gave her unique presentation on the RMS Queen Mary’s legendary history and paranormal happenings. Future speaking engagements in the works.
  • Julian Public Library “San Diego’s Most Haunted” Presentation – November 2017: Nicole was ecstatic to have been invited to present about San Diego’s haunted locations at the beautiful Julian public library. One of the attendees’ family members used to own the Twin Inns in Carlsbad, which is a location featured in Nicole’s book, San Diego’s Most Haunted. It was a fantastic group!

For more information on upcoming presentations, please see events page.

High Tech High School Media Arts Project - San Diego, California

In Spring of 2014, I was asked by a couple of seniors at High Tech High School in San Diego, California, if I would be interested in assisting them on their Media Arts Project about the paranormal.  Of course, I said YES with excitement.  Please click on the following YOU TUBE link to watch their final video project.  I am the narrator for the project.