No man is an island!  One paranormal researcher cannot do all the work alone.  No should he or she even try.  Successful research and investigation practices rely on teamwork, cohesion and collaboration.  There are many useful tools available to be put to use.  There are numerous paranormal-themed books on the market, in addition to numerous articles and blog posts covering a wide range of topics under the paranormal umbrella.  Anyone studying this field should be knowledgeable of the various theories about  and classifications for ghosts and hauntings, including those related to how the environment plays a part in this research.  History and the paranormal share a deep kinship as they are best friends.  They cannot be separated.  Thus, it is important to learn how to conduct pertinent research in the areas of
history, genealogy, geology, weather conditions, moon phases and how different elements and crystals play a part in paranormal investigation.

The following San Diego-based resources provide an exemplary knowledge base to your paranormal research project.  Please click on each banner link for more information.  Click on the 3rd link of the Marston House to redirect to SOHO’s instructions for researching your house. 

San Diego History Center
Save Our Heritage Organisation
Information On Researching Your House