Signs of a Haunting

What to Look for: Signs That Your Location May be Haunted

It is imperative to always try and find a logical /natural explanation for the types of odd activity occurring at your location. If you have exhausted all measures in trying to determine this, only then are you left with the possibility of paranormal activity. Try not to jump to the conclusion that what you are experiencing is paranormal in origin. Apply the fields of medicine, psychology, engineering, etc. in trying to explain what is going on. Remember, most reported types of anomalous activity have a logical explanation. Also, keep in mind that just because a location may have paranormal activity, it doesn’t necessarily make it a “haunted” site. Usually, with haunted locales, there has to be some sort of spirit connection to the property.

HISTORY:  History and the paranormal share a deep kinship; thus, locations with noted historical events are more capable of having paranormal activity.  This includes any prior deaths, burial grounds, nearby cemeteries or any other fatal catastrophes occurring on or near the property.  For private residences, it is important to research your home’s history and prior occupants.  For more information on how to research your home, please click HERE

UNEXPLAINED NOISES / SOUNDS:  footsteps; knocks, banging, rapping; scratching sounds; sounds of something being dropped. Sometimes these noises can be subtle and other times they can be very noisy.  Always check your home’s foundation and make sure it’s not a foundation problem.  Older homes produce more of these types of sounds.  Make sure you don’t have uninvited guests in your attic (rats).

PSYCHOKINETIC ENERGY (PK):  In the movies, we all have seen cabinet doors or other doors open and close, seemingly of their own volition.  Many people refer to this as Poltergeist activity.  Usually, a person walks into a space and notices this, as opposed to seeing it happen.  If there is no reason for it, it may be due to a psychokinetic influence, where the mind can somehow move an object.  Normally, this Poltergeist activity is seen in teenagers or those with high emotional states.  Again, when this does occur, check to see if it’s a foundation problem.  Sometimes, doors may have hinge problems and once resolved, so does the activity.

Some people witness water faucets and/or showers turning on or off of their own volition.  If this happens, always have a plumber come check the problem.  Chances are, there’s a natural explanation for the problem.  There’s a theory that ghosts/spirits are made of electricity.  As we know, water is a natural conductor for it, so keep in mind that some places on or near lots of water may be more capable of experiencing odd events.

ELECTRICAL ISSUES:  Many people report lights turning on/off or TVs turning on/off.  Most often, there is a natural explanation for this.  Again, always have an electrician come and check the problem.  Many times, in areas where there are many other buildings nearby, other people’s remote controls may influence the electrical items in your location, especially if they are on the same circuit.  As with TVs, make sure that there is no automatic timer settings that may be the cause of it turning on/off.  Another recommendation is to test each outlet in your location.  You can buy a wire receptacle tester for very little money.  You simply plug the tester in the outlet and it will determine if there are wiring problems.  Also, it is theorized that the electromagnetic field may influence and/or cause paranormal activity.  Thus, places that have a ton of electrical items in their home may experience more activity.

UNEXPLAINABLE SHADOWS: Many odd shadow sightings have natural explanations.  However, if the shadow shows intelligence and/or appears at the same time every day, then you may be dealing with something different.  If you notice the shadows out of your peripheral vision and see that they resemble grey and/or black humanoid shapes, you may be dealing with spiritual energy.  Shadow energies are most often residual in nature:  like a psychic imprint, showing no intelligence.  Keep a log of your sightings, noting the characteristics and location where you saw the shadow anomaly.  There is another kind of shadow anomaly discussed in the paranormal research field.  This has to do with the “Classic Shadow Person.”  These types are thought to be non-human energies that have somehow come through a wormhole with the sole purpose of observing the living.  Their classic characteristics are either very short or very tall black humanoid figures, adorned in a cape and/or wide-brimmed hat.  They usually peer around corners and move at lightning speed.  They are thought to be from another dimension and/or extraterrestrial beings.

THE APPORT THEORY:  If you notice items appearing in your location for no purpose, you may be dealing with an apport.  An apport is the paranormal transference of one article from one place to another.  Remember Carol-Anne in the movie, Poltergeist, and how she came back to her family after being taken away?  Of course, that’s in the movies, and sadly, thriller films do not accurately depict the paranormal, as they more or less, make a mockery out of it.  But, that’s another discussion. If you notice odd items appearing for no reason, especially items that seem very old or ancient, then you may be experiencing an apport.

ANTIQUES GALORE:  Locations that have a lot of antique items are said to have more capability of paranormal events.  It is theorized that some ghosts and spirits may be attached to a certain object, and wherever the object goes, so does the ghost/spirit.  Or, the antique may hold with it, memories and energy of the past, which may be attractive to the spirit world.  If you do buy an antique item, there are ways to possibly remove some of the attached energy.  You can try sage as that can provide for a calming atmosphere.  You can also burn purifying incense near the antique and say a positive affirmation when burning it.

APPARITION SIGHTINGS:  Apparitions are thought to be the hold grail of all paranormal activity.  If you have seen one in your home, it may be intelligent or residual in nature.  Remember, with residual activity, it has no intelligence and does not interact with the living.  With intelligent activity, ghosts and/or spirits can communicate with the living and interact with them.  There are many classifications of ghosts and spirits.  We recommend reading, The Case for Ghosts:  An Objective Look at the Paranormal, by Allan Danelek.  It’s a fascinating read that covers the various types of ghosts and spirits.  Some people experience seeing a spirit double of themselves or a Doppleganger.  If you experience this, please don’t panic.  It may or may not be a sign that you have paranormal activity or a sign that there’s some neurological explanation.  Furthermore, if you have constant feelings of being watched by unseen eyes, than you may have a spirit or two at your location.  Frankincense, Musk and Sandalwood are great to use for calming and purifying an area.

:  If you witness your animals behaving in strange ways, it could mean that they are sensing some otherworldly presence in your location.  Common animal behavior includes:  1)  animal sits and stares at a certain location for a long time, 2) fear of going into a certain area, 3) acting as though they are communicating with an unseen presence, 4) barking, meowing or crying for no reason, etc.  If your animal is looking at something you can’t see, study their eye movements.  Animals have keen senses and can see and hear things that we aren’t necessarily able to.  Cats, dogs and horses are especially known for witnessing paranormal energy and are known to have psychic abilities.  In fact, some paranormal researchers utilize dogs on their investigations.

HYPNAGOGIA:  The transitional phase from being awake to going to sleep. In this sleep state, people can experience sleep paralysis, auditory, visual and olfactory hallucinations.  It is thought that there is sometimes a connection between hypnagogia and spiritual activity.  If you have sleep issues or think you may have them, it is recommended to see a physician and possibly have a sleep study done.  Occasionally, people in this state of sleep may experience dream activity with the spirit world.  For example, Nicole Strickland has interviewed many people who have stayed overnight on the RMS Queen Mary who have dreamed about a particular resident spirit aboard the ship.

TULPA AND THOUGHT PROJECTION: A tulpa is kind of like a thought projection.  It is created by a living person and due to the PK energy (thought projection) onto the environment, it starts to develop its own personality and traits.  Places may experience odd activity if the person living or working there is consistently putting out energy that it has paranormal activity.  For example, if a person projects a thought-form over a certain period of time, that thought-form may come alive in its own sense.  Lets say that a person projects onto the environment that a little ghost boy with red hair and blue jeans is present, when in fact he really isn’t — that same person may attribute any odd activity to this little boy.  So, the little ghost boy doesn’t really exist, but has come alive as a thought projection.

It is sometimes theorized that malevolent and negative energy is the result of one’s own personal baggage somehow being projected onto the environment and becoming its own life force.  Please note that malevolent and negative energy is VERY rare.  Hollywood and mainstream television wants us to think that all ghosts and spirits are evil, but in reality, this is NOT THE CASE.

OTHER PHENOMENA TO LOOK FOR:  If you experience hot/cold spots in your location for no reason, you may be experiencing paranormal activity.  It is thought that ghosts/spirits draw heat out of the environment in order to utilize energy to manifest.  Disembodied voices and/or whispers are another possible sign of ghostly activity.  Some of our clients have reported hearing their names being called when no one else was present. Furthermore, if you consistently smell unfamiliar and old perfume or cologne, it may be another sign that your location may be haunted.  Additionally, some people report being touched by an unseen presence. Or, you may notice your personal items go missing only to be discovered in a different room in your location.

Some people have reported getting marks left on their body after a night’s sleep. With this, it’s very possible that the person marked himself/herself during sleep.  Many people associate scratches and/or marks with negative energy.  Lets apply some medical science here:  if it is true that a ghost/spirit draws heat from the environment in order to manifest itself, than it would make sense that red marks may be left on the skin —- it could be that the red marks are the body’s response to the heat signature left behind.  Just a floating theory.