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“Nicole is my ‘go-to gal’ for Queen Mary history and ghostly activity.  Her approach is both professional and informative.  Having worked with Nicole several times in the past, she has never disappointed nor displayed anything but pure heart, experience and professionalism.  I highly recommend reading her work and booking her for your next radio interview or conference!  One of the best in the field and truly one of this community’s sweethearts!”

Todd Bates 
EVP Specialist
Radio Host with Pop Odyssey Radio

I, as Captain of this ship, am very proud and honored to take her on her last voyage.  It is with some sadness that she is sailing for her last time, but I am glad that I am not taking her to the scrap yards and that in Long Beach she will be a living monument to British shipbuilding, engineering and seamanship.

Queen Mary Captain John Treasure Jones

Most of this generation will be gone, including myself, when this event occurs; however, the Queen Mary, launched today, will know its greatest fame and popularity when she never sails another mile and never carries another passenger.

Mabel Fortescue-Harrison
British Psychic and Astrologer
On the day of the Queen Mary’s 1934 launching

Queen Mary Research and Investigation Projects

SDPRS Founder, Nicole Strickland, has been researching and investigating the Queen Mary for paranormal phenomena for nearly ten years.  Combined, Nicole and the SDPRS team have conducted approximately 50 para research projects in various areas of the liner.  There are many theories pertaining to why the Queen Mary is one of the most haunted locations on our planet.  Since the ship sits in a body of water and water is a conductor of electricity, well, this can play into why the ship is a ghost hot spot.  Additionally, quartzite, bronze, iron and 56 different varieties of wood exist in the ship, which are all known to retain spiritual energy.  Also, think about the scores of folks from all over the world who travel to the Queen Mary each year to experience its ghostly phenomena – in our opinion, there seems to be a psychokinetic(PK) reason for the ship’s numerous hauntings.  Also, Nicole feels that the ship is one huge spiritual portal, attracting many energies not necessarily related to the ship.  And, of course, you have the ship’s rich history, which is a foundation in and of itself for the liner’s paranormal energy. 

The Mary has seen its share of death and tragedy, especially during its troopship duties during WWII.  Toward the end of the war and during the ship’s repatriation duties, it served as both a hospital and a transporter for men, women and children to and from their destinations.  Therefore, all of the above mentioned facts blend with each other and make for a strong spiritual pathway.  As moths are to a flame, spirits are to the RMS Queen Mary.
 Nicole and the SDPRS team have traveled across the United States investigating various locations for paranormal activity.  By far, we have selected the RMS Queen Mary as being our favorite place to conduct both historical and paranormal-related research.  The Queen Mary has a beautiful spiritual aura, and with her Art-Deco- excellence, nostalgic atmosphere and mystical nature, she brings excitement and intrigue to all who visit her. 

Paranormal Journeys / A Television Show / Queen Mary Special

Nicole Strickland was recently a guest on Central California Paranormal Investigators’ Fresno-based PARANORMAL JOURNEYS television show, hosted by the awesome Jackie Meador and Krista Erickson.  Debuting on September 30, 2015, this particular episode discusses Nicole’s paranormal research journey as well as her research aboard the legendary RMS QUEEN MARY.   “Paranormal Journeys” is all about those who follow their passion investigating the unknown and the road it takes them on, whether its searching the wilderness for Bigfoot, walking in the shadows hunting for ghosts, investigating Urban Legends & Myths, discovering Metaphysical Mysteries or watching the skies for UFO’s. It’s all about the Journey.

Ghosts of the Queen Mary News Segment / Channel 6 / San Diego Living

On October 22, 2015, Nicole Strickland was interviewed about the ghosts of the Queen Mary historic ship for a Channel 6 (The CW) San Diego Living segment.  You can watch the segment by clicking HERE

Nicole's Books about the Queen Mary Historic Ship

Click here for a list of books about the Queen Mary.

Queen Mary: Evidence of the Paranormal

For more information about the Queen Mary’s spiritual activity and paranormal evidence, please click on the below photo links.  Nicole’s SPIRITED QUEEN MARY website features many of her most profound spiritual captures and experiences.  Just recently, Nicole’s article, RMS QUEEN MARY:  A SPIRITED SHIP was featured as a cover article in Paranormal Underground Magazine (August 2015 issue).  Included in the article are some of Joe Bertoldo’s  breathtaking photographs of the ship.  Joe is a friend of both Nicole and the Queen Mary. 

Spirited Queen Mary
RMS Queen Mary: A Spirited Ship by Nicole Strickland

Paranormal Underground Magazine / August 2015 Issue / Queen Mary Article

Nicole Strickland is a magazine contributor for Paranormal Underground Magazine (PUG).  Her cover article, “RMS Queen Mary:  A Spirited Ship” is featured in the August 2015 issue, along with the beautiful ship photographs from Joe Bertoldo, friend and Queen Mary Enthusiast.  Click below to download the file and/or click on the magazine photograph above to be directed to the PUG website.

Paranormal Underground – August 2015

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