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A Note to our Clients

We devote many hours of research, study and analysis to each and every one of our cases; thus, we never take on more cases than we can handle. We want you to know that we will be happy to refer your case to another reputable team should we not be able to take yours on. We understand that consulting a paranormal research team can be a difficult decision. We are here to ease your concerns and assist you with questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for contacting the San Diego Paranormal Research Society.

FYI for Cases Involving Alleged Negative and Malevolent Activity

We at the San Diego Paranormal Research Society are here to help you; however, if you’re convinced that you have a malevolent entity or you have negative energy in your location or attached to you, we strongly recommend that you contact a member of the clergy immediately and ask him / her for help. We understand how it can be a scary process to encounter something that you cannot logically explain. Through our years of study and experience as paranormal researchers, we strongly believe that authentic malevolent cases are in fact, extremely rare.

The majority of cases of alleged negative energy have to do with external factors other than true paranormal phenomena – Hollywood, the current paranormal “para-tainment” TV shows and their focus on spiritual energy being evil and wicked, occasional mental illness, religious predisposition, etc. In other words, a person may think he or she is being afflicted by some evil force, but in reality, what’s going on in that location often times has nothing to do with the supernatural, paranormal or demonic energy. This is why the San Diego Paranormal Research Society is a huge proponent of educating the public that people should not inherently fear spiritual energy as the majority of ethereal beings are benign, curious and friendly. Again, an authentic malevolent haunting is very rare.

While we don’t want to undermine your concerns, and for the reasons listed above, we do want to let prospective clients know that we elect to not take on cases of alleged malevolent and demonic forces. If after examining your situation, you still feel that you are being afflicted by a so-called demonic entity, then we strongly encourage you to seek assistance from a member of your clergy and/or seek the help of a spiritual counselor. Of course, if you want more education on the classic signs of a malevolent haunting, then we would be happy to further speak to you, but, again, we do not take on case requests of alleged negative activity.

Due to the fact that we at the San Diego Paranormal Research Society are also parents, teachers, care givers, etc., it is important for us to keep our energy positive. In addition to reaching out to a religious institution of choice should you feel that negative forces are bothering you, we also highly suggest that you keep light, love and positive thoughts in your everyday life.

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